Rickey Watkins II, also known by his stage name “Rizzo”, was born in Dallas, Texas on April 7, 1989. As an adolescent, Rickey stayed plugged in to the music scene but had dreams of being a professional basketball player. At the age of 15 those dreams were shattered by a career ending injury. While trying to find a way to accept what had became reality, Rickey’s attention was drilling deeper into the music. He was not only listening, but was creating his own lyrics and concepts which would later come in handy. Shortly after, Rickey began his rap career under the name “Rizzo”. In early 2008, he started working with local producer Fabian of Strange World Productions, local rapper “Mike B” of Shiest House Records & more recently with Big J, CEO of Shiest House Records. Working with Fabian, Rizzo began developing his own style as a rapper. After his departure he later networked with Mike B and his potential was quickly recognized and Rizzo was offered to join his team, Clientele Ent. Several months past and due to personal issues Rizzo soon divided from Clientele Ent. In 2009, Big J also saw the potential in Rizzo and offered to bring him in as his personal protege. Rizzo started off promoting for both Shiest House Records and local magazine Block2Block, but in mid 2010 he decided to build his own brand, GreenGrass Ent. Hitting the online trend heavy, he began releasing freestyles via social networks, creating a local buzz and a demand for his new and original Texas sound.

J.R Da Lyrical Assassin

Born Jamal Ke’John Roberson in Dallas, TX was a man destined to do music. It started as a kid singing along to popular radio songs with an unusual rythm. The interest in music started early on, but later he would discover that his talent in music would progress. At the age of 12 is when the passion really became stronger. He then began writing music and exploring his way around the studio at the age of 16. He then found himself to be known as J.R with the alias of da lyrical assassin. Releasing his first mixtape “The Come Up Vol.1” which exploded and showed his true talent. He became known as a lyricist with hard-hitting punchlines mixed with a sway, smooth lyrical flow. Ablities to flip words around and implicating his own flow lead him to be the artist he his today. He is now on a mission to pursuing his passion and chasing his dreams as an artist. He may not know what the future holds, but he does know that music will be in the future. He’s known as J.R_Da Lyrical Assassin.


Andy Stout aka “Zen” – Aural Tech

Andy Stout stage name AndroidZen; dabbled with music here and there all his life, but really began working on music and making beats in 2013. He started this as a way to have free music production for his clothing line to use with recording artist. When the music took on a life of its own. After countless hours of practicing with the Maschine drum pad, he realized live performance beats was also a route he had to go.

Like the name suggests, he gravitate towards a very electronic sound. Gaining influence from Sci-Fi movie scores & retro video game sound.

Musical Influence – Tycho, Pretty Lights, UK Grime music.
Main musical gear – Native Instruments Maschine, Abelton Live, Korg Synthesizer


EZ BRVNCHLD – Photography

EZ BRVNCHLD is a visual artist, photographer/Videographer and social analyst from Dallas, TX. He has had a knack for a art since a child & attended film school at “The University of Texas at Arlington.” EZ specializes in Street & lifestyle photography, and has begin to expand his creativity into sketches & short films. An avid music fan he has a unique & keen taste in music and isn’t afraid to share histhoughts on entertainment and current events in the world of politics.


Remy Redgrave aka “Peroxcide” – The Gamer

“My name is peroxide. I’m a 26 year old Fort Worth Texas native that has had a passion for video games, anime, music, art & electronics from a very young age. That said I always seemed to have a knack for being good at playing video games more than anything else & now that I’m a adult my game collection has grown exponentially to biblical proportions. That coupled with the fact that I can be a entertaining character at times made my friends & family suggest I become a youtuber/streamer. Soooo… Here I am… Rock you like a hurricane. >=)”



My name is Tommy and I’m a freelance comic book artist, my alias is Leazon08. My overall goal is to create YouTube content for all tech and pop culture reviews. The reason why I say this is because most channels I feel can be a little bias on certain things and I wanna change that. Also later on down the line I wanna direct small action shots as well.