Motivation or Inspiration???

Motivation or Inspiration???


March 11th, 2019

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Backtracking to a previous post about me working alongside the school that I graduated from, Mediatech Institute. As mentioned I am supposed to be doing an interview with them in regards to my time before I attended, during my attendance and after I graduated. Believe me when I say that I have indeed been on a “Journey” both life-wise and career-wise. I defenitley want to use this time to motivate anyone who may need and inspire anyone who also may need it. I have never been one to gloat/brag about anything I  do. Its more about a self achievement. I am not here to impress anyone I am here to leave a mark, or legacy to inspire my children to be greater than me. Yes, I have a job most people dream about but what it took to get here is beyond that. I hope that everything I do is inspirational and the motivation that you may need. The value is higher when your blood sweat and tears are the main ingredients. I am not sure when the work that I am doing with the school will be released or where or to who it will be shown to but I will make sure to post about it on both here on my prime website and also on all of my social media pages (@Rizzo214). Thank you to everyone who has been by my side and those who have given me words of encouragement because trust you were all needed for me to get where I am today!!!


Also as a side note out of curiosity…who has been an inspiration to you and why? And, what are your goals…where are you trying to get to in your life?


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