Its Lit!!! on TWITCH!!!!

Its Lit!!! on TWITCH!!!!


March 27th, 2020

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Whats going on folks…Hope everybody is staying safe during the “Quarantine”. Well you know in the past I made several attempts to get both my Twitch and Youtube “Gaming” channel started but now its FINALLY popping off. I am currently streaming daily and weekly on Twitch you can watch via the “Live” Tab on the website or directly from my Twitch Channel. I really need support here people!!! Drop by any time and chat with me and sometimes my wife and enjoy the show!!! Dont forget to Follow as well THANKS!!!

Twitch: www.Twitch.Tv/Rizzo214

Also below is a video from my BRAND NEW Gaming channel on YouTube!!! SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE!!! Right now I am uploading Raw clips from Twitch but will improve the content quality over time! ENJOY!!!

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