I Quit My Job…And Started My Career!!!

I Quit My Job…And Started My Career!!!


March 10th, 2020

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There has been some confusion or maybe just a lack of information, from me, or perhaps updates. Anyone who knows the “REAL” me understands that social media isn’t the most important thing in my life. The purpose of my website is so that posts, made by me, can be seen…read…and cataloged. These are for me 1st and everyone else second. With that being said lets get to the spectacular news that I have for you all. The last 2 years I have been extremely focused on 2 things, my relationship and me shaping what was a part-time job into my full-time career. Recently an opportunity presented itself.

For those that are unaware, I am currently employed by Funimation which is now underneath the Sony brand/name. Previously, and for the entirety of my work life I was employed by United Parcel Services or, “UPS”. My work history for them expanded across 14 years. Yes, that’s a very long time…an extremely long time. There have been other jobs along the way but those employers don’t really play a part in this particular section of “this story”. Lets take a moment to shed some light with a little bit of a back story…

Lets go back 16 years. Age 15 and dealing with Hip osteoarthritis. That means no cartilage in my hip…the left hip to be exact. This is all important but I will give you the shortest version of all of this. Basically, a lot of my teenage life was stripped from me…extracurricular activities and almost no social life til I was 17. Let me be clear here, this is NOT about sympathy etc. When I reached 17 I got my 1st job at UPS and I’ve been there til recently. Understand, my passion of basketball was taken. I suffered from depression. I was over weight but then I decided I will try to make the most out of all of this. I decided I can lose the weight and I picked up a new hobby to replace basketball…rap. All of this was apart of my path and crucial. To make a short story even shorter I relapsed…somewhat. I got injured AGAIN! Same hip…worse situation. I seriously couldn’t walk for 6 weeks, the depression returned and I thought rap was going to be taken from me or at least that’s what was implied by my doctor. I had to deal with this whole thing on my own. I’m going to stop this part of the story here and save the rest for another time.

Fast forward..but still in the past

5 years ago I met my wife…while employed to UPS. At that time I had my own apartment and car and only worked one job. Before I dig to deep, let me explain the importance or relevance of me mentioning my wife. This woman changed my entire life hence part of the reason why she became my wife. This amazing woman motivated me to go to school and make a change for myself. I went to school for a little bit over a year and got my Associates and I discovered an entirely new passion in audio. I kid you not I got hired by Funimation on my Graduation day. The same day I was supposed to walk across the stage I had to start but luckily the kind people at Funimation allowed me to still walk across the stage.

This is the start of the next 2 years that lead me to ending my job at UPS and starting solely at Funimation. There is no exaggeration when I say that UPS was destroying me as a person and stretching my relationship extremely thin. The management team at UPS was horrible, the verbal abuse among their team was horrendous. The entire team functioned off of emotion and it made everyday unbearable. Being the person I am, not a day went buy that I did not want to walk out, but there was a goal. The goal of leaving a decent paying “JOB” and starting my “CAREER”.

People have told me for years to focus on money. “Get a better paying job”. “You might not find anything better than UPS”. Etc. At some point I realized in the last 3 years that money should not be the goal. The goal should be a peace of mind and happiness and most of all PASSION. I love my job like I love my wife…everyday and all day. My wife finished school right before I did and she managed to finally find her place and “CAREER” at her dream hospital and that’s all I wanted, for her and myself. We managed to find our careers and we are happier than we have ever been.

It was a continous work in progress but I was finally able to move into a full time position and our prayers were answered. I happily left a job of 14 years to start my career and it was perfect timing statistic wise. They say you have until you hit 30 to get into the career you want to have a stable future and retirement. I have reached a lot of my goals and I plan to keep going…to keep pushing til the wheels fall off.

I wanted to share this story because I want everyone to know, the brick wall in front of you is just one of many obstacles but once you overcome them you will be closer to the finish line and those walls become even less thick and intense along the way.

PS – bellow are the pics of the movie posters of the films I engineered on…I plan on getting posters and frames for every film I work on moving forward

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