Have You Unlocked Your Dopeness???

Have You Unlocked Your Dopeness???


March 10th, 2020

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Last night when I arrived home from work, I came across an interview by Chamillionaire on a podcast called “Becoming Dope”. Its a very deep look into how Chamillionaire became “Chamillionaire”. The start point to today’s tech investor and etc. I don’t want to spoil to much of the interview but the point I will talk about is the topic of “Have you unlocked your dopness?”. I feel like I have unlocked my dopness but I also feel that I am not at my full potential just yet. 2 years ago I thought the highlight of my life was during my 20’s but God has shown me so much since then..from finding my wife to working on franchises that are beyond legendary and to seeing my name on movie screens. This will keep getting better. Enough of that tho check out the podcast below!!!

“If you’re a music fan, you know the name Chamillionaire. He’s been breaking records since the early 2000s – earning a Grammy for his single Ridin. But even before Hakeem Seriki became Chamillionaire, he was already looking at the bigger picture.

In this inaugural episode of Becoming Dope, Chamillionaire shares how he’s been able to pivot from music and find even more success in the world of tech. He’s now using his platform to guide others in how to do the same.”

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